Dr. Leon and "Wilderness and Religious Imagination" class, Yellowstone NP (XE photo)

Xavier Expeditions offers opportunities for participants to immerse themselves in wilderness for non-credit, for continuing education credits, environmental leadership or spiritual enrichment.

There are two options for attending or organizing an expedition:

(1) As an individual, you can become a non-degree/continuing education participant by attending an expedition alongside credit-seeking students. Spaces are limited on each expedition for non-degree participants.

(2) As a private group of professionals, you can have Xavier Expeditions organize and lead your group on a wilderness inspired leadership or spiritual enrichment retreat.

See below for more details on these two options.


(1) Individual Non-Degree/Continuing Education:

Audit/Non-Credit Course Chart

Individuals interested in attending an expedition either for non-credit or for continuing education credit typically join degree-seeking students with relaxed academic requirements. Attending an expedition alongside degree-seeking students is, based on our experience, a more enriching, challenging expedition.
To see courses available for continuing education, click on the chart. Be sure to check out which courses are being offered in our Upcoming Expeditions to see if they meet your interest or need.

WORKSHOP FEES: A workshop fee is assessed and is generally equivalent to one credit hour of tuition per course attended. Fees for travel are the same as those for credit-seeking students and are in addition to workshop fees. Click here to request more information or contact Xavier Expeditions faculty/staff.

LIMITED SPACE: Since we are obligated to fulfill needs for degree-seeking students, a limited number of spaces are available for non-credit participants on each expedition. However, if you are a part of a larger group of interested participants, generally a size of 10 or more, it is possible to arrange for a continuing education retreat/program tailored specifically to your group's needs. (See below for more details.)

(2) Group Continuing Education Programs:

Grizzly, Hayden Valley (NPS photo)

Grizzly, Hayden Valley (NPS photo)

Groups of 10 persons or more interested in expeditions tailored specifically to your continuing education, leadership or spiritual enrichment needs needs are welcomed to contact Dr. Leon Chartrand.

Workshops/Seminars based on courses listed in the spreadsheet above are possible. We are also willing to design an expedition to meet your group's workshop interests or needs and we are willing to include particular faculty members (Xavier or non-Xavier) or professional facilitators that your group prefers if this is feasible for the instructor and satisfies Xavier Expedition's mission.
Each expedition is limited to 18 participants due to environmental/wilderness logistics and learning dynamics. Fees for groups depend upon travel packages, workshop lodging and workshop fees, which are determined during the planning stage of your program or retreat.